Bmc replacement seatpost

Wheels, saddles and handlebars are all items that cyclists love to upgrade — and understandably so, they all impact ride quality, comfort and speed. Your seatpost slips into the seat tube and attaches your saddle to your bike. Though there are exceptions, most of them look pretty unassuming.

So what should you look out for in a seatpost upgrade? A carbon seatpost is lighter and promotes comfort.

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Seatposts are generally constructed from aluminium or carbon. As is consistently the case, aluminium is perfectly adequate and will do the job.

Carbon seatposts, however, offer greater dampening from road vibrations and are lighter. When it comes to cancelling vibrations, there are several steps brands take to aid this in frame construction: using thin seatstays, placing the seatpost clamp lower down so that more seatpost is exposed allowing for more flex and using a narrower seatpost also all contribute.

A carbon seatpost is effectively an additional step; a cherry on top. If you want to drop the weight or add some cushion, look to spend more. If you use a carbon seatpost, make sure to fit it using a thin layer of carbon paste, this stops it slipping. Pay attention to the quoted torque at which you should tighten the bolt — overdoing it can cause it to snap. Seatpost diameter impacts comfort but you need to choose one that fits your bike. Though some brands like to play exception to the rule, the majority of bikes are designed to fit a seatpost of either Skinnier seatposts are in vogue at the moment for the same reason skinny seatstays are popular: the theory is that they offer greater flex and therefore comfort.

There are different lengths on offer, too. Seatposts will have a marker which shows the minimum amount of post that can be inside the seat tube. A zero offset seatpost will place the saddle directly above the clamp — though of course you can adjust it forward and back on the rails.

Seatpost clamps vary from the very simple to the very complicated. All seatposts clamp to the saddle in their own unique way, and have different methods of allowing the saddle to point slightly down, slightly up or remain flat. Some clamps are delightfully easy to use. Others are temperamental at best and will only cause you vexation. Check out the way the seatpost clamps before you buy.

Aero road bikes come with aero seatposts. These are flatter and designed to channel air more seamlessly, limiting the resistance that slows you down.

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As your moving legs pedal, potentially unevenly, either side. Rear lights can be a bit of an issue when it comes to an aero post — though many brands now offer adaptors that allow for the shape. Concerted efforts have been made in recent years to further squash out the road buzz that can translate to fatigue over long miles.

The theory is that those riding the adventure road bikelike mountain bikers, will want to be able to adjust their saddle height to suit the terrain.


If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item. Sounds reasonable.BMC took the design principles developed for its time-trial bikes and applied them to a road chassis to yield the TMR In recent years, the application of aerodynamics has ushered in a new era of road bike design. Cervelo deserves a lot of credit for bringing aerodynamic design to the road bike market. This shape is further refined by the addition of a ridge to either side of the leading face of the tube.

The other defining features of the TMR01 are integrated brake calipers and virtually invisible cable routing. The front caliper and cable are protected from the wind by a faring of sorts, while the rear caliper is mounted underneath the bottom bracket. The frame is designed to accommodate both electronic and mechanical groupsets with clever entry points just behind the head tube. BMC uses acronyms for a lot of its design features that must be deciphered before they can be appreciated.

For the TMR01, this means the inclusion of a seatpost with three setback options. The internal cable routing makes for a clean design but requires a lot of extra time to both install and service. Adding to assembly and servicing difficulties are the integrated brake calipers. The linear brakes have a quick release mechanism, but when it is hidden behind a faring then it is far easier to use other means for releasing the brakes to remove the wheels.

The test bike used inline cable adjusters that could be unwound to open up the brake pads — a little clumsy but much easier than removing the brake faring. An electronic groupset is the best choice for this frameset since once installed there will be little need to re-visit the cables.

One obvious improvement for this bike would be swapping the external battery for an internal one, both to improve the aesthetics of the bike and lose a little weight from the final build. BMC seems driven to develop clever mechanisms for binding the seatpost. For the TMR01, a contracting wedge is hidden in the top tube that is accessed from the top. The design is effective but the wedge falls out whenever the seat tube is removed.

Thus it seems that integration always comes at the expense of serviceability. The TMR01 is available in a choice of six sizes as set out in the table below full geometry specifications can be found at the BMC Racing website :. The dimensions of the TMR01 are larger than what the table above suggests and can be attributed to two things: firstly, the seat tube angle is steeper than most other road bikes, and second, the top tube actually slopes upwards to the seat tube, making for a taller frame.

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Potential buyers should consider the stack and reach of the TMR01 along with the seat tube length to decide on the most suitable size. I overlooked the seat angle when electing the frame size for the test bike and chose the 58 and was surprised by the extra reach when setting up the bike. The tall frame also gobbled up a lot of my saddle height, so it looked low in relation to the top tube.

The choice of a single seat tube angle for all frame sizes is unusual for road bike frames. More unusual is that the seat tube angle is a steep 74 degrees. BMC compensate for the steep angle with a seatpost that has three setback options 0, 15, or 30mm where the maximum setback is equivalent to a standard post 25mm of setback on a bike with a Be warned — riders that need more setback may have trouble with this bike since there are no other seatpost options.

There is no denying the presence of TMR01 thanks to its massive tubing and bold lines. The frame looks like it was forged by a powerful machine rather than molded from layers of carbon and I expect opinion will be cleanly divided on the appeal of this bike.

Darimo lays up ultralight carbon seatpost for your proprietary aero road bike & more!

I presume the frameset is finished in naked carbon to save a little weight, though BMC adds a little colour with its logo, acronyms, and some pinstriping, all of which are expertly rendered. So, is it stiff and fast? Yes, it is.Skip to main content. Bike Seat Clamps. See more choices.

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bmc replacement seatpost

Bicycle Quick Release Seatpost Clamp Show only Yichu items. Promotion Available See Details.Forum Rules. Get the latest roadbike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the Roadbikereview Newsletter. Login Register. Remember Me? Results 1 to 14 of I had to make adjustment to my saddle on the road i most likely over tightened it cause there is a minot crack on the back.

Do you know how much they cost? I wanted to get it as a backup. I guess I should have. BTW, does anyone know what the bottom of the seatpost is for? Originally Posted by specialized2k Thanks for the info.

I already knew about the lockin bolt. I wasn't sure about the bottom bolt under the rubber block. I did notice that if I turned it too much the post wouldn't fit in the hole. Thanks for that explanation. The system makes sense now.

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Harry John. If the one you have uses a streampost I have a few moving around. Originally Posted by ultraman Originally Posted by twin Originally Posted by uncrx Hello I almost never come here. I am curious of the people that had needed a replacement BMC seatpost, how long have you had to wait? I find this disturbing. Fortunately, I have other bikes I ride, if the BMC was my only rig, and I would be down for this time waiting, I would definitely be a very unhappy camper.

bmc replacement seatpost

All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved. I'm assuming you have a SLR, correct? This is a bottom clamping post actuated by the 6mm hex bolt directly under the saddle rails. When you turn that 6mm bolt, it pulls a carbon rod inside the post upward and as a result expands the elastomer clear rubber block at the bottom of the post firmly against the seattube of the frame.Greg Van Avermaet was seen piloting a new bike at Amstel Gold Race under the cloak of darkness it would seem, riding a stealth black frame that had many excited about a possible new BMC bike on its way.

While it may have been missed by many at Amstel, had Van Avermaet had his way in using the new bike, we would have seen the new Teammachine charging across the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix to victory, but alas, both he and us had to wait.

Details of the new Teammachine have now been released, so to get you up to speed we outline the ten things you need to know about the new premium race bike. At first glance, the new Teammachine closely resembles BMC's Roadmachine that was launched in the middle of and pitched as the 'one bike collection'. The Roadmachine featured disc brakes, thorough integration and variable front end stack heights allowing riders to partially customize its geometry.

The new Teammachine seemingly borrows plenty of the learnings from creating the Roadmachine, with a similar frame shape, greater integration than previous versions, and the addition of disc brakes.

The Teammachine is onto its third iteration and there's no doubting its winning pedigree.

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Despite its winning ways, BMC felt it was time for a new edition. BMC bikes have always had a distinctive silhouette with a small bridge between the top- and seat-tubes that defined its bikes. In recent years, that bridge served little engineering importance but remained as a defining feature for BMC.

However, the new Teammachine has virtually done away with the bridge, filling in the gap and opting instead for a pared back and integrated junction between the toptube and seattube, and one that doubles as the seatpost clamp.

The new design resembles other models from a number of other brands, and will no doubt polarize die hard BMC fans. The new design process was extensive, to say the least. As well as the removal of the bridge, the new design features asymmetrical chainstays and fork, in order to contend with the extra forces associated with disc braking. BMC decided to produce both rim and disc brake versions of the Teammachine with some notable differences between the two.

As we'll touch on below, the disc brake version is the cleaner of the two thanks to a proprietary stem that hides the front cables. Amazingly, the frame is only 5 grams yep, that's rightheavier than the rim brake version in a 54cm size. The fork features an asymmetrical design, with the left leg larger than the right in order to contend with the extra forces associated with disc braking and it's a similar story at the chainstays that are asymmetrical too. The fork is also unique in another way with BMC creating its own 12mm thru-axle, which tapers through the middle to save weight.

As mentioned, the rim brake version is marginally lighter than the disc version with some other subtle differences. The rim brake version gets a neat ball-and-joint cable stop for the top tube, designed by BMC to allow for extra movement for the brake cable so it will be less prone to cracking and fraying.

New direct mount brakes feature, with early ride reports suggesting they work nearly as well as the disc brakes. And where many brands offer improved tire clearance on disc brake versions, both disc and rim-braked Teammachines claimed to accommodate 28mm tires.

Following the Roadmachine's lead, the new Teammachine features next-level integration with a new proprietary stem on the disc-brake version that allows all cables to be neatly hidden away.

This means owners do not have to go through the arduous process of re-routing cables every time they want to adjust the stem height like they would with a number of other popular aero road bikes from other brands that feature integrated cockpits. Keeping the frame clean is a similar port to that found on the previous Teammachine, this sits at the top of the downtube and serves both electronic and mechanical groupsets. The final piece of integration is at the seatpost, which is secured by an integrated wedge system that is hidden within the toptube of the frame.

As mentioned already, this was made possible by filling in the frame gap that used to define BMC's bikes. Surprisingly, the third generation frame is heavier than its predecessor.

bmc replacement seatpost

The extra weight is attributed to the switch to direct-mount brake calipers and extra lamination which has apparently been used in an attempt to normalize the ride characteristics across all frame sizes.

The frame of the rim brake version weighs g size 54cm and the disc brake version g size 54cmcompared to g of the second generation.

A weight saving is observed at the fork, at g, the rim-brake version edges out the disc-brake fork by 5g g compared to g of the previous generation. There will be plenty of options to choose from; rim- and disc-brake versions of the bike plus two tiers: SLR01 versus SLR There are seven models to choose four rim brake and three disc from in the SLR01 collection, as well as a frameset kit for each that includes the cockpit and seatpost in a choice of two colours.

Details are scarce for the exact specifications of the SLR02 collection but it is expected to offer two rim brake and two disc brake options.Plus, a similar MTB version drops a lot of weight off your Fourstroke, new Brompton specific components lighten up your folder, more superlight stem options, and a feathery water bottle cage in the works….

Well, Darimo feels your pain. So, they reached out to each brand to check that the aero shape was not patented, then worked with a precision engineering analysis company to get perfect measurements of each specific aero shape, and created their own replica molds. Each post is made to order, so feel free to reach out to Darimo and they will tell you how much your post will weigh. A similar story, if you bought a high-end BMC Fourstroke and wanted to build it into a super light XC racer, you probably realized you were stuck with the integrated dropper post.

Again, enter Darimo who has a solution to drop a lot of weight of your already light mountain bike. So, feel free to pull the dropper out to save a few hundred grams on race day, then drop it back in for more technical riding.

Want to drop some weight off ahead of Brompton Worlds?

bmc replacement seatpost

Darimo created a new Brompton specific seatpost that weighs just g in a mm length mm available. Then you need an ultralight flat bar with a When Darimo shared their ultralight four-bolt IX4then two-bolt IX2 carbon stems, they told us more sizes and options would always be in the works. It seems incredibly flimsy when empty, but stiffens up once the bottle was in place. Darimo told us of how it will change in the next prototype, connecting lines from the upper bottle bolt, down over to the tab at the bottom of the bottle.

Absolutely amazed how such a small company manages to make some of the absolute most advanced components AND delivers so many options replace proprietary seatposts, 1. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password?

Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help.Skip to main content. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

BMC Roadmachine Explained (2020)

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